Common sense and many studies tell us that drivers under the influence of marijuana are much less dangerous than drunken drivers. And here lies the problem: how the use of marijuana becomes decriminalized and legalized throughout the country, what laws should be introduced to prevent traffic accidents caused by the abuse of marijuana.

Several countries, including Washington, Colorado, and Ohio, have adopted regulations that literally depict those related to alcohol, which means that if you have a specific dose of THC in your bloodstream, you cannot legally manage the vehicle.

How media researched it?

post1aThe local television channel in Seattle even quite effectively dramatized this phenomenon a few years before the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in 2012. An experiment was conducted and that process became world famous.

What are the conclusions?

The AAA Foundation also found that more drivers who were involved in fatal disasters in Washington had THC in the blood after marijuana was recreated for recreational purposes. But finding out when someone is too crowded to sit behind the wheel is difficult, first of all, because standard alcohol tests do not work for marijuana. The AAA Foundation believes police officers should use special tests to determine whether drivers are affected and not only rely on the amount of THC in the blood.

So what should you do?

People who consume marijuana can experience the following short-term effects:

  • post1bDifficulty thinking and solving problems
  • Memory and learning problems
  • Loss of coordination
  • Distorted perception

These effects can do some activities, such as driving a car, especially dangerous when a person is under the influence of marijuana.

You should stay on the site of the accident and wait for authorities. You should do what they tell you. And you should do the tests that they give you for establishing did you and how much were you under the influence. Then, you should hire a really good lawyer who will act in your best interest. No, you shouldn’t run or hide. That will only make the whole thing worse. Laws are there to be followed in order to protect all of us and the authorities know how to deal with any problems they might run into. Sit tight, do the tests, wait for results, and hire yourself a good lawyer.