In “What Weblogs Can Do For You” (Illinois Bar Journal), Evan Schaeffer takes some shots at Corp Law Blog:

Mike O’Sullivan’s Corp Law Blog is as well written as any legal magazine. [faint praise, indeed] The blog’s focus is suggested by its title; O’Sullivan covers “issues encountered by corporate lawyers.” But he does it with style and verve [he left out “pizzazz” and “flash”], regularly making topics like Sarbanes-Oxley almost fun to read about [“almost” fun means not quite fun which means the opposite of fun which means boring — we get the message, Evan, loud and clear].

Evan obviously thought he could pick on a dormant blog, one that wouldn’t have the will to respond. Evan, you thought wrong. Corp Law Blog is back with a vengeance and promises to pump out even longer and boring Sarbanes-Oxley posts and whiny attacks on Eliot Spitzer and ill-informed explications of Microsoft’s option exchange program and obscure diatribes against unused clause identifiers and ill-used amongst and between.

 You wondered what a weblog could do FOR you?

post6aPretty soon you’ll learn what a weblog can do TO you! You might think I’m overreacting, that Schaeffer is just a tough critic. How, then would you explain the way he gushes like a lovesick teenager when he describes as “an always-entertaining blog,” Stay of Execution as “always witty and entertaining,” Benefitsblog as “original [and] timely” and My Shingle as “free”? In fairness, Evan did manage to hit the bulls-eye when he warned potential readers of Howard Bashman’s How Appealing blog that “you’ll have trouble” with that blog. Nothing but trouble.

What now?

It is very important that you choose the right place where you are taking your information in the sense that they are true and that they benefit you. It’s not important to read popular blogs, those that everyone is going read, but to find the source of information that will be interesting to you, and also those who will reveal things you know in a new way as well as things you do not know in a comprehensible way. So read carefully, do not miss anything, but choose who you are relying on.